Month: May 2016

From Bleachers to Beach in Prison

The prison life was tolerable when I learned to change the way I looked at things.  For example, instead of referring to the bleachers as bleachers, I referred to the bleachers as “the beach”.  It was a hot place to sit and a good place to stretch your legs and receive some sunshine. In late …

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Don’t try to solve the problem!

During last night’s dinner conversation we touched the subject of male listening skills.  As someone at the table was describing how they “fake listen”, the server heard and agreed.  I thought it was interesting how the server heard our conversation, good listening skills, I suppose. It was a funny conversation, but the awareness of listening was heavy on …

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God’s Homing Device

I became very intrigued and fascinated with the Holy Spirit, while I was incarcerated. Why? Because, I wanted to understand how I ended up in prison, what did I miss?  Where was my discernment? Friends would ask me if there were any indications, signs or feelings that something strange was going on.  When I look …

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