“If I would have understood the risks I faced, I would have turned the other way.  Things would have turned out so much different.”


Holly Pasut, Inspirational Speaker from Charlotte, NCI am Holly Pasut. I am an “inspirational speaker.”  I WAS a “nationally recognized” real estate agent in the booming southeast market. Hard work, personality and relationship building led me to be among the top agents in the country. I also served time in a federal prison for the involvement in a mortgage fraud case that was one of the largest investigations in the United States.

I was indicted in 2012, pleaded guilty and sentenced to 21 months. My personal story provides insights into how I trusted someone without fully understanding my role in his real estate transactions and being charged as a co-conspirator.

White Collar professionals, Business Organizations and University Students will gain new understanding from my experience. Audiences will be alarmed by the risks professionals take…often without even knowing it.

The ambitious overachievers are often in leadership positions and recognized for their performances, but at what cost? I discovered critical thinking errors, not with intent to defraud, but from the desire to please others and approval seeking. I will present how those thinking errors can put you in jeopardy.

What you will learn:

  • Importance of knowing more about your business associates
  • Understanding how “Trust” can promote fraud
  • How to report wrong doing
  • Understanding mortgage fraud and intent
  • Cooperating with federal authorities.

My goal is for audiences to understand their risks in business and personal relationships. While fraudsters are slick, and you may not detect the fraud, you will leave with a different perspective and awareness.

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