Who do you Trust in Prison?

Who did I trust in prison? Trusting people was never an issue for me.  I trusted most everyone and quite easily.  I was described as, too trusting.   I also learned, I trusted bad people, not knowing they were bad at the time.   Prison cured me of trusting everyone. Prison, was scary at first and I wanted a …

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Comment on Freedom Speaker Blog

Comment on Freedom Speaker, it matters It’s a privilege in having the freedom to post comments, express oneself, and an invitation not to be taken for granted.  In the “big house” (Federal Prison) we didn’t have the freedom to do so.  Imagine being without the internet or social sites.  No google, no Facebook, No Wikipedia, no MapQuest. (could encourage escaping) Lol …

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Waiting is difficult, we don’t wait well

We hate to wait, we have little patience, and a sense of expectation, we are entitled …and life is but a dream… The emergency room is not one of my favorite destinations, but inevitably I decided to pay them a visit yesterday. While sitting in my private room, with the curtain drawn, (I feel like I …

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Inspiration and Vodka are good

People inspire people.  My question is, who is inspiring the people that are trying to do the inspiring?  I know it’s a mind-bender! LOL   WARNING- My brain and my typing may not be in sync. Have you ever been curious about why people seek inspiration? You’re probably shaking your head, thinking,”Who cares”? Strangely I …

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Compassionate payphones

There’s nothing sexy about a payphone.  Their bulky, sticky, dirty, and you never know if they’re going to operate correctly. You may not be old enough to remember payphones, but you could spot payphones on the side of the road or at the corner gas station, and my favorite was the phone booth. Not only for superman, but if you …

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