Let’s Party!

Christmas is a birthday party. Just the other night I found myself staring at my pathetic Christmas tree. It’s about three feet tall and unusually skinny. It does, however, have flocked branches and attached white lights for a holiday effect. My living room is small and (I know) over decorated, so I thought a modest …

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The Brain in Your Gut

That creepy feeling. A bad vibe. The brain in your gut. Who are these voices? Where are they coming from and what do we do about it? After a recent speaking engagement, I overheard a woman say she listened to her gut all the time. Is that possible? She’s been married twice and drinks too …

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When was the Last Time You were Happy?

Can you remember the last time you were happy? Really happy? Be honest.  What makes some people happier than others? Why? Better circumstances, more money, better job, nicer car, maybe servants? Last week we had one of those magnificent days. It was truly a “Carolina Blue Sky Day”. Not too hot, not too cold, not windy, …

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