Prisonism Religion

For those of you, who have the need to classify and to categorize things, good, bad, right or wrong, my religion, your religion…. Whether your world religion or belief system is of Christianity, Islam, Catholicism, Hinduism, Agnosticism, Buddhism, Atheism, Anglicanism, Sikhism, Seventh-Day Adventists, Mormonism or Judaism…The Dalai Lama might give you something to think about. “My religion …

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It’s okay not to conquer the world

While sitting in the Doctor’s office this morning I was so excited I had actually remembered to bring a book to read.  (There’s something gross to me about touching the magazines in the waiting room.  You never know about strangers and their hygiene practices, or lack there of) “I cannot understand my own behavior.  I …

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December 2, 2015 Freedom Speaker Free Gifts Upon release from Federal Prison Camp Alderson, my next step was to report to the halfway house and become custody of the Bureau of Prisons, BOP.  I have completed those steps along with 1 out of 3 other adults in this country. One week from today, I will …

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