Let’s Party!

Christmas is a birthday party. Just the other night I found myself staring at my pathetic Christmas tree. It’s about three feet tall and unusually skinny. It does, however, have flocked branches and attached white lights for a holiday effect. My living room is small and (I know) over decorated, so I thought a modest …

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The Brain in Your Gut

That creepy feeling. A bad vibe. The brain in your gut. Who are these voices? Where are they coming from and what do we do about it? After a recent speaking engagement, I overheard a woman say she listened to her gut all the time. Is that possible? She’s been married twice and drinks too …

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The Meaning of Christmas in Federal Prison

Christmas is a special day, although different while in a Federal Prison. Many of us celebrate Christmas as a time of year to acknowledge the birth of Christ. We also are joined with our families and friends, decorated trees, sparkling lights and beautifully wrapped gifts to exchange on Christmas morning. Roasted turkey for dinner, cozy …

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Who do you Trust in Prison?

Who did I trust in prison? Trusting people was never an issue for me.  I trusted most everyone and quite easily.  I was described as, too trusting.   I also learned, I trusted bad people, not knowing they were bad at the time.   Prison cured me of trusting everyone. Prison, was scary at first and I wanted a …

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Compassionate payphones

There’s nothing sexy about a payphone.  Their bulky, sticky, dirty, and you never know if they’re going to operate correctly. You may not be old enough to remember payphones, but you could spot payphones on the side of the road or at the corner gas station, and my favorite was the phone booth. Not only for superman, but if you …

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