The Prison for the Innocent

One of America’s greatest pleasures, aside from watching the Carolina Panthers kick some  butt, is eating and drinking!  C’mon, you know it.  Sharing food, sipping wine or chugging beer.  Yum-yum and belch. We did the same thing while at Alderson Federal Prison Camp, but our version of the bar were beaten and scratched aluminum picnic …

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Freedom Speaker asks…”Should I limit my news intake”?

Have you ever gone on a news fast?  I picked a card from “Table Topics”, yesterday and it has me thinking.  “Limit your news intake”. I tune into the news frequently, however, I seldom feel more educated or insightful…more like “played”.  Actually I feel worse.  Worse about the presidential candidates we have to choose from to be our next Commander …

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Memorial Day has passed, now what?

During yesterday’s “walking meeting” I mentioned to my friend I had been invited to speak to a group of Veteran’s.  My friend suggested I speak about Memorial Day… I yawned, then I remembered. A special high school classmate of mine, surprised me the day of my hearing.  I wasn’t expecting Suzie to be there, she was there… integrity speaks …

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Joy and giggle out loud

“Joy” is not so easy to describe, and trust me, I have been trying.  Perhaps it’s my choice of words, but it’s something within me.  It lives through me.  (I know what it is, and that’s good enough for me) In the book “Road to Character”, by David Brooks, he simply says…Joy is a byproduct experienced by people …

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Trump in Yoga Class?

We are a society of walking firecrackers, seemingly ready to explode any minute.  Doesn’t that sound relaxing and peaceful? Even our political officials are full of negativity and accusatory towards one another.  Can you imagine Trump in yoga class or Hillary in a humility workshop? I’m convinced our Presidential race operates out of fear, power, self- …

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