Freedom Speaker asks…”Should I limit my news intake”?

Have you ever gone on a news fast?  I picked a card from “Table Topics”, yesterday and it has me thinking.  “Limit your news intake”. I tune into the news frequently, however, I seldom feel more educated or insightful…more like “played”.  Actually I feel worse.  Worse about the presidential candidates we have to choose from to be our next Commander …

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Mailed with a kiss

Mail is not what it used to be.  Walking to the mailbox is becoming extinct.  The option to go paperless has become quite popular, (when I think of paperless, why do I think of topless)? Opening the power bill, late fee notices, or my favorite, “air-duct cleaning” coupons, hardly warrant a desire to rush to the mailbox. Receiving …

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Sometimes the answer is “I don’t know”

Occasionally I’m asked, “Holly why do you do write this stuff”?  My answer is usually the same…”I really don’t know”.  So lately, I have been giving thought to the question. After giving thought, (and it wasn’t a passing thought, I really thought about it), my answer is still the same….”I really don’t know”. It’s my …

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The Gift of Laughter

  As I write this post this morning, I can’t help but laugh to myself.  (or at myself)  My oldest son is probably one of the funniest people I know.  It’s hard not to smile or laugh when he is around. Occasionally he is quiet, and when he is, I tend to have a concern. On June …

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The Last Supper at the Ritz!

Last night I was escorted to an intimate private dining room at the Ritz-Carlton.  It was nothing compared to where I choked on meals only a year ago, Alderson Federal Prison Camp.  This skilled group of 10 adults were invited to discuss the idea of “making meaning”. The setting was “executive-elegant”.  The acoustics were accordingly designed to minimize echoes which eliminated …

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