Christmas Vote

December 6, 2015 Freedom Speaker Who am I to tell everyone we are not exchanging gifts this Christmas?  Taking it upon myself to say, “Don’t spend any money, let’s just be a family and spend time together”.  That was my thought.  Obviously I didn’t spend much time thinking! My thoughts and my heart have changed.  First …

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Free Gifts

December 3, 2015 Freedom Speaker Free Gifts If you find the Holiday Season magical, but somewhat taxing and overwhelmingly demanding, you are hardly alone. I have come to the realization, giving impulsive and expensive gifts of  worldly values are only feeding the appetites of those who love the world. During last night’s group session, I listened …

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December 2, 2015 Freedom Speaker Free Gifts Upon release from Federal Prison Camp Alderson, my next step was to report to the halfway house and become custody of the Bureau of Prisons, BOP.  I have completed those steps along with 1 out of 3 other adults in this country. One week from today, I will …

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