That creepy feeling. A bad vibe. The brain in your gut. Who are these voices? Where are they coming from and what do we do about it?

After a recent speaking engagement, I overheard a woman say she listened to her gut all the time. Is that possible? She’s been married twice and drinks too much!  I asked a friend of mine to tell me what she thought, and she said, “Sure, people say that only when they’re right.” Then she added, “When my gut tells me to stop eating cookies, I totally ignore that voice”!

We are all faced with making life decisions, but where do our answers come from? The brain, the heart or the gut? Which one is the best guide?

The brain is that system which weighs the pros and the cons.  It searches for logical reason. The brain will decide on what product to purchase, for example what insurance carrier to use. (Yawn)

The heart is the emotional little sucker, that tends to become irrational. The decision feels right, but in hindsight the decision was based on how we felt at that moment. My son explains a typical heart felt decision to look like this.  He said, “Mom, when a man tells a hot sexy woman he loves her, he really means it, at that moment.  However, he may regret it the next day”. (And men wonder why women can be skeptical).

The gut: it’s mysterious, it’s secretive. The intuitive source that gives us the pit in our stomach, and voices in our heads. The gut is annoying at times, because we don’t know for sure what it’s trying to say. (Speak louder) A gentle nudge, as opposed to a gigantic nag. The answer is not clear, but somewhere inside of us, although we cannot quite put our finger on it. (ugh) Intuition functions so quickly and so well, we doubt it functions at all. The language of the gut, can get lost in the distractions of our outer world.

Will the best source of decision making please stand up?

I am not trying to throw the brain and the heart under the bus, but I would have to say the gut. What do you think? If we use our brain and our heart in rational and reasonable emotive ways, knowing both have limitations, we can then make the final decision with a “gut check”.

  • Times I failed to listen to my gut, I regretted it:
  • Married the wrong person.
  • Bad investment.
  • Wrong paint color.
  • Buyer’s remorse, especially during the holidays.
  • Trusting someone, I thought was strange.
  • Yadda, yadda, yadda

Perhaps one should “listen to their gut”, before they claim they listen to their gut all the time. It’s a bit self-promoting as if to say, “I never make a mistake.”

Be sure to share your thoughts below, perhaps they will help someone struggling with making a good decision.

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