People inspire people.  My question is, who is inspiring the people that are trying to do the inspiring?  I know it’s a mind-bender! LOL
WARNING- My brain and my typing may not be in sync.
Have you ever been curious about why people seek inspiration? You’re probably shaking your head, thinking,”Who cares”?
Strangely I do care about about this.. I really do! (Probably, too much time on my hands.)  Shezzz
There seems to be an abundance of inspiration, I see it on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. See for yourself, check your Facebook right now, it’s there right? It happens everytime!.
Who are these people and why are they posting this?  Do they need inspiration, are they cured, or are they trying to inspire others?
Quotes stir us, challange us and the best ones open our hearts, I get that.  We sigh, we laugh, we think and maybe we make some changes. But are they lasting?  Are they memorable?
We will always have inspiratioinal quotes as long as life is full of opposition. Birth and death, even the resurrection.  Young and old, love and hate, rich and poor, sunrise and sunset, believers and non-believers.
My inspirational quotes have been written on my own heart through my personal discovery.  They are memorable, moving and have challenged me to be continuously grateful.  Lessons learned in Prison, ugh!
Inspiration is great and so is vodka!  But what if we could find a way to hold our own joy and inspiration through our own personal stories?
What about wisdom? Do people who are considered wise need inspiration? Do wise people post stuff all over social media?  (yikes, what’s this say about me? ugh)
What is wisdom? Can anyone become wise? Are you born wise, is it genetic or something you do? Can you learn wisdom or can you inspire wisdom? How does a person become wise? Do people regarded as wise think of themselves as wise?
Since life is full of opposition, what is the opposite of wisdom?
It is NOT TO:
  • speak or act in stupid ways, then blame others for what happens. (who does that, right?)
  • speak or act in ways that cause difficulties for people or groups important to you.
  • speak or act in ways that lead to unnecessary loss.
  • not learn from mistakes, make the same mistakes. (I hate it when that happens!)
  • be out of touch with what is happening. (that’s why we go on shopping sprees)
  • be bitter about the past, cynical about the future. (It only hurts us)
  • be outspoken about what others are doing wrong. (What does that say about you?)
  • act in ways contrary to one’s stated values and goals, and not know it. (Donald? Hillary?)

You can gain wisdom when you ask questions and explore, as well as listening patiently and having a willingness to learn valuable lessons from tough experiences.  Wise people have found a way to be happy rather than hostile, no matter how badly life has treated them.

Wise people have accurate, perceptive insights into human behavior and understand how things work. They are observers of human nature, people, trees, strangers, waterfalls.  Real life experiences have been their teacher, not from academic study. They don’t find the need to be right or the best, and they don’t mind keeping what they know to themselves, but are willing to share what they know with certain individuals. They are available to give advice to open-minded learners. They have a way of asking questions that lead to new discoveries less judgmental and understanding. Are conscious of themselves, and can communicate what they know when they choose to.

Wise people are smart about what they do and don’t do. They have an inner framework of inner knowing without understanding the reason.  They “read” situations well and understand others with complete acceptance.  Wise people trust and obey their intuition. Wisdom provides a radar that can sniff out hidden motives behind the actions of others.  Wise people are less vulnerable to cons, threats, criticism, and manipulators. Wise people do not get worked up easily, and have a way of handling pressure with humor.  They remain stable in times of turmoil. They feel optimistic and self-confident even when coping with less desirable circumstances.

Sometimes the hard times in my life have served me, like a gourmet chef serves his awaiting patrons.  Perhaps you have heard,  “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen”!  Desperately wanting out of my own hot kitchen, but all the while something delicious, nourishing and tasty was being prepared.

I still like inspiration, too!

Bon-Appetite, Holly

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