Women Walking AwayAfter hours of walking this morning, I realize how strange I am.  Who says “strange” is a bad thing?  Or maybe “strange” is not the best word.  Let me explain.

Feeling mentally torn between too much time on my hands and not knowing how to relax!  (I bet some of you reading this right now, would love to trade places with me)!  I decided to take a spiritual walk.

While walking I was able to smell fragrances I would not normally smell, had I been driving in a car or looking out of my back window.

As I started to break my first sweat, I tied my long sleeve shirt around my hips, the sun started to come out and it felt great. Then my mind stopped focusing on me and I was able to get out of it.  It was like something grabbed me.  I wasn’t looking for anything, nor did I have an agenda, just felt like walking to nowhere.  I even closed my eyes and lifted my face towards the sky.  (I would not recommend walking too far with your eyes closed, though)  It was probably not too smart, but it wasn’t fatal either.  LOL

I went up and down streets I had never been and I saw things for the first time.  Not everything was beautiful, but just watching the elderly man retrieve his morning newspaper gave me peace and joy.   My treasure was in every step I took.  Grateful, I could physically walk, I could visually see, enjoy the flowers and rain puddles.  I smiled, waved and said “hello” to everyone I passed.  The birds were chirping to one another …(I pretend the birds are my mother saying “hello” to me.  My mother lives in heaven now).

Being new to the area, I don’t know the streets, but instead of wondering where my steps were going to take me, I just enjoyed the feeling of being taken.  The presence of something grabbing me, holding me, a wondrous undergoing.

It was a joyful walking surrender.







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