Public Event

Presented by: VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

April 22, 2019

Location: ONLINE

Leadership Stars with Linda Patten

What does it take to be an empowered leader, one who translates big visions into big impact? On “Leadership Stars” Linda Patten explores with her guests the elements of successful leadership – not simply commanding or managing, but developing the mindset and skills of influencing, inspiring and motivating others to take their success journey together!Via Website:Holly Pasut, widow and single mother of three children, was a nationally recognized real estate agent in a booming market. Then she said yes to something that landed her in federal prison. Today she is recognized as a top 100 keynote speaker and acclaimed author of “A Strange Path to Freedom.” Join Linda Patten and her guest, Holly Pasut, for a fascinating conversation about one woman’s journey through the justice system, how to deal with our own “prisons in life,” and other lessons of courage, gratitude, and resilience

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