We hadn’t even pulled out of the Prison grounds and my sister handed me a mug of hot coffee, a real spoon and cream.  The perfect trifecta!  I couldn’t wait to ditch the plastic mug, yellow plastic spoon and instant dry milk stuff.  Coffee was my welcome home.  Coffee and kisses…LOL

After being home for awhile, I walked into Starbuck’s and nobody spoke English…shezzzzzzz.

  • Tall, Non-Fat Latte With Caramel Drizzle, (make the drizzle my initials)
  • Grande Iced, Sugar-Free, Vanilla Latte With Soy Milk,(secretly add sugar)
  • Triple Venti, Soy, No Foam Latte (make it upside-down)
  • Triple Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato (well…make it 20% sweet, please)
  • Tall, Half-Caff, Soy Latte At 120 Degrees (and I want proof of temperature or I will sue you!)
  • Talk about entitled and bratty!


I made an attempt to order and it sounded like this, “Hi, may I have a small cup ( or whatever you call it) of regular coffee (whatever)? How cool was that?  “room for cream”, yep, I am totally hip!  A hipster!  The original hipster…The OG, the Original Gangster…yep that’s me.

Back in the hills of West Virginia, we drank Chicory Coffee. What is that? Chicory is the roasted and ground root of the cultivated plant species, Chicorium Intybus.  (I had to look that up, compliments of Google)

Chicory has been thought to have medicinal qualities for over 5000 years, below are some I found on the internet, again compliments to Google….Who knew?

  • Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used it as a liver tonic, sedative and appetite stimulant.
  • French chefs and writers believed chicory to be a ‘contra-stimulante’, that is, the sedative effects were a perfect compliment to the stimulating effects of the caffeine in coffee.
  • The fresh root has been said to be useful against pulmonary consumption.
  • Syrup of chicory is said to be an excellent laxative for children since it works without irritation. What about adults…just sayin?
  • Modern herbalists say chicory increases bile production, moderates a rapid heart rate, lowers cholesterol and destroy bacteria.
  • A recent Korean study indicates that that chicory reduces cholesterol levels and increases the ratio of HDL (the good stuff) to LDL (the bad stuff) in the blood of tested animals.
  • A Belgian study showed chicory ingredients are also helpful in preventing osteoporosis as shown in humans, while so far they have been tested in animals with beneficial results “in the prevention and inhibition of colon and breast cancer,”
  • I never touched the stuff, couldn’t stomach it!

I’ve been home now for a year and I still don’t speak “Starbucks”, nor do I drink Chicory, but next time I order, I’m going to say, “I’ll have a perfect trifecta in a mug, with a sanitized silver spoon, and at least the appropriate amount of space for extraordinary freshly imported French cream at room temperature” (ah ha, Who’s the boss, now!)

Today I do the “happy dance”….It’s a remembrance of the past, gratefulness for the present and excitement of the unknown.  Yippee…

To the Java drinkers of the world“Stay thirsty, my friends”











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