Holly Pasut Speaking at Real Estate RocksHolly Pasut, known as Freedom Speaker started as a blog. I began blogging about freedom and the loss of it. “Being in a controlled environment helped me to discover something nobody could control, my own thoughts.” This new thinking led me to finding freedom in the least desirable place and eventually contentment.

My heart was broken, but my faith was strong.

When I arrived at the prison gate, God was standing there with his suitcase and said, “C’mon, Holly let’s get this over with, I got ya!”

I became best friends with my thoughts. Learning to identify the “voices” then discerning my choices, was one of the many lessons I am grateful to have had.  Freedom Speaker is a place I humbly share those experiences.

Humor is a necessary part of my life. I laugh at myself, often.  Freedom Speaker is playful, admittingly plucky, and often ridiculous. Life can be described similarly. Unguarded thinking gave me a safe place to imagine sit-coms in prison. The imagination functions with a quickness, and often without knowing where the material is coming from. As the executive director of my imagination, and with the assistance of the many writers in my head, Freedom Speaker expresses the humorous side of surviving longs days in prison.

Women who live on the outside are at times less free, than the women who live on the inside, without the privileged freedoms.  It’s a twisted thought, but a glaring observation I discovered shortly after release. Freedom Speaker expresses those differences, along with the similarities between women of different cultures, ethnicities, educational levels, status and gender preferences. Amazing women reside in prison today, of whom I will remember with admiration and love.

Holly Pasut, Freedom Speaker is a personal recipe combing a heaping of faith in turbulent times, unmeasurable amounts of willingness to learn why I said yes, when I should have said no!

A submission of willfulness to uncover blind spots with forcible amounts of objectivity to accept.  (It tastes horrible at first, but the Freedom Speaker recipe is quite tasty). A wallop of forgiveness towards others and oneself, and the acceptance of unfairness in life.

The voice of Holly Pasut and Freedom Speaker is to alert professionals to the risks of straddling the line. Professionals can be without awareness as to the severity of their own risky behavior. The excuse of “not knowing” will not matter in the court of law. Ignorance is not a defense. I know this from personal experience. Professionals make mistakes by putting themselves in harm’s way at the risk of helping others.

It’s motivating to listen to Keynote or Guest Speakers today who share how they became successful, the winning formulas to optimizing organizations, and the importance of leadership. I applaud the many who speak.

Freedom Speaker is different. It’s my voice as a Keynote or Guest Speaker sharing my success as a top real estate broker to prison.  A real-life story, brought to real life. Freedom Speaker is a conversation of falling through thinking errors, of which we all struggle yet rarely express or admit. It’s relatable to professionals, your thoughts will be stirred regarding past and future behaviors. Freedom Speaker is always educational, inspirational and humorous. (Listen to an interview I gave with Matt Schindelholz from Faith Alive here)

The purpose of Freedom Speaker is to bring an awareness to pause and think, before you say yes, when you should have said no.

* Here is a fantastic book to consider looking at by Harvey A. Silverglate titled “Three Felonies a Day”.  You can read a review here

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