What is a Wackadoodle

What is a WackaDooddle?

To call someone a wackadoodle isn’t necessarily an insult. Actually, not everyone can sport that title in an endearing way.

Some of my best friends are true wackadoodles.

It gives me great pleasure spending time with fantastically entertaining and down to earth people.  They are a bit goofy and don’t feel constrained to act a certain way.

Wackadoodle’s can be found in all shapes and sizes, genders, and professions. However, don’t confuse wackadoodle with “wackjob.” Keep reading…

The other day I was chatting with a friend at the local coffee shop and blurted out the words, “I’m a total Wackadoodle!” I was making fun of myself for saying something stupid. We both laughed and then she said, “We’re all WackaDooddle.”

It simply describes someone who is crazy but not clinically insane. It’s a mild way of saying you’re kind of bizarre or uncommon.

Aside from the fact wackadoodle is a fun word to pronounce we don’t hear it often. What does it mean? It simply describes someone who is crazy but not clinically insane. It’s a mild way of saying you’re kind of bizarre or uncommon.  Most wackadoodles are fairly good-natured yet can easily poke fun at themselves. There is a level of vulnerability and self- trust from individuals who can reveal some of their eccentric, strange and weirdo traits.

Today, I ponder on this peculiar word and find deeper meaning. Wackadooddle’s are hard to describe. These diverse individuals are typically nonconformists. They ask curious questions and have an insatiable quench for more information. Some wackadoodle’s are creative and obsessive. (While I do have mild obsessive behaviors, I consider it part of my charm.) These sensitive people also don’t really give a hoot what other people think about them. People say mean and rotten things about one another every single day. But a true wackadoodle knows it’s not important what the world says about them, but how they see themselves is everything!

If you see your life as mundane, boring and blah, then it’s time to step out. Search for the child that dwells inside you. You might have to unhook your bra or humble yourself on the golf course, but letting go and knowing oneself will create an assured self-confidence and give you permission to be slightly wackadoodle.

I think deep down we’re all a little bit wackadoodle, we have this right, because we are human.

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