Adult Coloring and it’s Benefits

Coloring is the new craze for mindfulness and relaxing.  It brings a sense of focus and peace, many busy successful people have lost.

I was introduced to coloring while flirting with a man (too young to date) in the Barnes and Noble Bookstore. This handsome-hunk, humbly shared his interest in coloring with me. He showed me the best books to start with and recommended the many different coloring pencils, and gel pens to choose from.  There are a variety of books, from animals and florals, sports and military, to inspirational and quotes.

When I first observed the ladies at Alderson Federal Prison Camp coloring together around the aluminum picnic tables, I shrieked.  “Coloring, good grief, I am not going to color”!  “I am an educated adult”, (in prison) “Educated adults don’t color”.  I learned I was educated and stupid!

These women had a peace and calmness about themselves.  This didn’t mean they were “livin the dream”, but they had a contentment about themselves, they were relaxed while focused on their coloring.

You don’t have to be sent to prison to find this.  (although many do discovery a higher level of thinking, but I don’t advise going to prison) If you find yourself searching for answers in the game of life, you’re often jumping up and down to straighten pictures on the wall, have a facebook or texting addiction … Congratulations, you are a coloring candidate!

Full disclosure; I don’t color, I read.

My solitude begins early mornings, reading, meditating, and journaling. (does a highlighter count as coloring)? For the past 10 years I have practiced this contemplative lifestyle, be still time. Today, I love waking up, brewing coffee, lighting my scented candles and devouring books about behavioral thinking, awareness and mindfulness.  My favorite is the Holy Spirit and Discernment.  Staying hungry and thirsty is a gift, it gives me the insatiable desire to learn. Yummy!

Free yourself and color your own rainbow…

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