Have no fear, for everyone is afraid of something, everyone has a secret, and nobody wants to get caught.

Are you hiding behind something you condemn others for? Have you ever said this, “Please don’t tell anyone…?”

The fear of being judged by a mistake you made is frightful, especially if you risk losing everything you have worked for, stood for, and whatever for. Keeping secrets is a very risky business.

Apostle Paul, previously Saul…(lol) was at the height of his career, successfully persecuting the early Christians, until the day, Jesus appeared in a bright light and blinded him. (or something like that). The point is, after three days Paul (Saul) regained his eyesight and gained a deeper sense of self and became what we know today as Apostle Paul. From Saul, to the apostle Paul spreading the good word of Jesus, the very thing he had been persecuting.

A twitter feed about Bill O’Reilly compelled me to write todays blog.  O’Reilly earned his famous seat, by becoming the guy who preached the difference between right and wrong. However, he is now undergoing sexual allegations. It does not mean he did, or he didn’t.

Let’s say he did. Then what? Aside from the complexities and career that will be at stake, what about him, personally? Good people do suffer and at times find themselves, not being the best versions of who they are. After we suspend judgement, do we stone them to death? Or do we choose to understand, because we too have made mistakes?

Targeting different classes, races, sabotaging people and careers, I’m afraid will never go away.  It’s humanity at its worst and vulnerability sucks sometimes. I know from personal experience, but I can tell you… you grow after you fall, and growing hurts.

Life has a way of breaking us, and we are accountable for our own actions. But sometimes after the brokenness begins to heal, we develop a sense of tenderness and compassion which leads to a greater understanding of ourselves and others. This new level of awareness doesn’t call for any super significance, or trophy, but it does create a feeling of wholeness.

In conclusion, be careful what it is you condemn, especially if you are doing the same!

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