Fired for no reason: Discriminated based on personality. 

Whether you can be fired for no reason, when you did nothing wrong, depends on your employment status and specifically on whether you are an at-will employee. In most of the United States, employees are generally considered “at will” employees. At-will means that you or your employer can terminate your job on a moment’s notice for any reason, whether good, bad, indifferent or for no reason at all. The law in most states presumes that an employee is at-will unless the employee can prove otherwise. This means that unless the termination violates federal or state law, company policies, or an implied contract, there is very little that an at-will employee can do to protest a termination without a reason.

However, it is important to know that an employer can discriminate based on personality, work ethic, experience, ability, resumes & references, and other unprotected characteristics.

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On Valentine’s Day, a symbolic day of love, it’s not unusual to receive roses, heart shaped chocolates or indulge in a romantic candlelit dinner for two. Not all Valentine’s Days are love stories.

Let me set the scene…My hair appointments are exhausting, especially when it’s time to color the gray, but I prefer to say color my “sparkles”. As I sat quietly waiting for my hair color to “process”…(I have processed hair?), I received a call from my friend. I thought she was calling to say Happy Valentine’s Day…“I just got fired” she said. “I can’t breathe, my God, I got fired, I got fired, my heart is pounding, how am I going to pay my bills”? I’m not gonna make it, what should I do, should I go to the emergency room”? I answered “Just breath”.

A slew of questions came pouring out, “What about my healthcare, my paycheck, 401k, unemployment, my car payment, my friends at work, it didn’t make sense, I don’t understand, I was a good employee, people liked me, I was there for seven years”!

When your manager tells you to hand over your ID badge, locks you out of your email, and gives you a box to pack your belongings, then tells you to leave…you have no choice. You are stripped of your dignity while publicly shamed, for no reason.  What kind of leader would do that to someone?

Lack of empathy.  When a leader cannot put themselves in someone else’s shoes, and show a willingness to see things from a different perspective, they will never be a great leader.

Lack of humility.  The boss who acts as if they are the only one who can do things right, is unlikely to become a great leader.  When the manager is doing everyone else’s job, it’s annoying and nobody wants to be micro-managed.

Bossy bosses. The idea bossy people make good bosses, is a misconception.  Ordering people around all day is not the way to gain respect. Great leaders will have followers who want to be led by them.

Fired from your job can bring shame, fear, anxiety, and a loss of self-esteem, to name a few. I can relate when I lost my livelihood. Looking at the unknown future can bring on the same emotions.  The space between the last job and the new one, is a gap.  Living in a gap can have some advantages, although you might not see it that way.

Others have shared their stories of getting fired and what they went through.  Everyone has a story, right? In summary, all of them returned to work or new careers and are happier than they were before.  The firing was a blessing, it just didn’t feel like it at the time.

Truthfully, I was getting tired of real estate but would still be dragging my tongue across the parking lot everyday, had I not been sent to live in the “big house”.

God works in mysterious ways and I’m excited to see what the future holds, for my friend.








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