Have you ever gone on a news fast?  I picked a card from “Table Topics”, yesterday and it has me thinking.  “Limit your news intake”.

I tune into the news frequently, however, I seldom feel more educated or insightful…more like “played”.  Actually I feel worse.  Worse about the presidential candidates we have to choose from to be our next Commander in Chief.


Certainly the news isn’t broadcasted to make us feel warm and fuzzy but it would be uplifting if the character of our future leader’s were of integrity, humility and respect.  (to name only a few)  It seems we value those adjectives, and as parents try to instill those into our own children.

A 24/7 spitting contest.  It’s hard to find entertainment like this…and I watch it!  What does this say about me???  You???  Inquiring minds want to know!

If Hillary or Donald were my children, I would be extremely proud of them in many ways however I would be ashamed of their behavior.  Talk about taking the “low road”.   Do you remember when you were a child…”Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”?  I am beginning to feel the names Hillary and Donald call one another are hurting this country!  The “crafty” or the “nasty”….pick your poison.

My version of a leader is someone who might address the issues, policies and make clear their reason for applying for the position of “Commander in Chief”.  If you or I were interviewing for a job, I doubt we would be hired by bashing the other candidates.

A confident leader would not need to point out faults and mistakes made by others, but stand on their own merits.

I read the Maxwell Leadership Bible every morning and have for years.  Below are a few characteristics, worth mentioning…

Blameless– Am I quick to improve those areas that can damage my integrity?

Temperate, sober-minded, good behavior– Am I master of myself, that I may be a servant to many?

Able to teach– Do I consistently help others learn and become better?

Not violent or quarrelsome– Do I have an approachable disposition that brings peace?

Not greedy, not covetous– Am I allowing my leadership to be controlled by the rich?

Rules his own house well– Do I manage my own family before I try to manage the country?

Ask yourself…Do you know what Hillary and Donald’s  motives are for being the next President?  Motives eventually determine our direction.

Could you imagine if both candidates, went to a wilderness camp, and were stripped of all their luxuries and there were no news reporters….???  But, unknowingly a drone would capture their character, decision making  and their “true self” would be exposed…  I would tune into that one!

Living In-joy, Holly





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