Sharing something of value is a gift our society has forgotten.  We share for money or tweets.  People are on “speed dial” when it comes to publicly sharing their selfies, new haircuts or their new promotions. Do we share because we really care? Or do we share because we get something in return?

As I search the internet for ideas or while doing research, I inevitably click on a site only to discover something I want is for sale.

I had a conference call with Deirdre Breakenridge, last week. Professor, author, public speaker, entrepreneur and CEO of Pure Performance Communication. Why would Deirdre take time to speak with me? A friend kindly answered my question, “She wants to sell you something.” I wasn’t thrilled with his answer, yet I was preparing for the sales pitch.

The conversation felt casual, natural, talking to a friend conversation. I imagined meeting her for coffee or better yet a yummy glass of wine. Deirdre freely shared ideas with me, although I was waiting for the pitch.

Continuing conversation regarding social media, websites and exchanged laughs about kids and husbands; we also shared mistakes we made along the way. I’m not implying the kids or husbands were mistakes….I’m going to leave that one alone.

As the conversation came to a close, I prepared for the sales pitch. Perfectly timed to sell something helpful, valuable, coaching, or one of her books. She threw a curveball instead, she did nothing. What a relief…and then, I thanked her for sharing her time, sharing ideas and for not trying to sell me something.

It’s not often we meet people willing to share freely, without an agenda.

Are you someone who guards the latest and greatest information unwilling to share for fear someone will profit? Do you have expert advice for someone who needs it, but only will share if they pay you for it? Keep reading, please.

There is nothing wrong with making a living and providing value, but have we completely lost the idea of sharing? I became a Certified Dreambuilder Coach, and thought I would thrive in a booming industry, while launching a second career. With enormous enthusiasm and energy I began organizing coaching options, and creating appealing pricing for clients. Except my mood changed.  What happened? My new second career was dissipating, becoming a new chore.  Something I loved, manifested into a commodity for a price, another rat race.

Today, I coach people who struggle with their circumstances, and help them discover a way to see the world differently, except I don’t charge a fee, I share it instead.

If you want to share something, but don’t feel you have anything to share, here are some ideas.

Share the gift of listening. Don’t offer advice unless you’re asked. Listening shows you care about them. Being quick to offer advice is what most people do, and in most cases the conversation then moves away from them and to you. Not cool, hardly sharing.

Share before you receive. And you might not receive anything at all. Instead focus on what you can provide, without expectations from others. Free yourself and share freely, you will receive in unexpected ways. Trust me on that one.

Share your words. Words are used to impact others and their attitudes. When your friends (or you) are complaining or whining, try this.

You don’t have to go to work; you get to go to work. ( My daughter is currently unemployed and would love to say that). You don’t have to prepare a presentation for a new client; you get to share your creativity and ideas with other people who want to hear them. You don’t have to go to the gym; you get to work out, improve your health, and go shopping for new jeans!

By sharing your words, you feel better about yourself and others.

Don’t share your stuff. Put your phone away, stop looking at it, stop texting, stop! Get off the social sites, the world won’t end without your comments. You cannot connect with others if your busy sharing with yourself. (I shared my phone with myself the other day and my father was slightly steamed at me, and nearly walked out. I profusely apologized and as a consequence we shared a martini).

Since coming home from prison, I have been fortunate to be introduced to people I would have never met. These people are successful, creative and caring. Another characteristic they have in common, they wholeheartedly SHARE.

How do you share?








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