As I write this post this morning, I can’t help but laugh to myself.  (or at myself)  My oldest son is probably one of the funniest people I know.  It’s hard not to smile or laugh when he is around.

Occasionally he is quiet, and when he is, I tend to have a concern. On June 22, 2014 (about a year ago) I received an email from him, while I was in prison.  He indicated in the email he wanted to speak with me because he had some things he wanted to discuss.  My heart dropped.

In prison, you cannot pick up a cell phone and make a quick call, and obviously there is no texting!  I replied to his email, letting him know I would call him later that evening, but we would need to talk fast, because I was low on minutes.  (we were only permitted a certain amount of minutes each month).

I was able to check my email again that day and he had replied, he would carry his phone with him, even at the gym and since we had to talk fast, he would be sure to drink a “red bull”.  (LOL)

I moved into the line that evening waiting for my turn to call my son. I was mindful about managing my thinking…perhaps he had great news to share, he is obviously okay, nothing could be that crucial….but who knew until we spoke.

He answered the phone loudly and out of breath.  He told me he was planning to come see me on Friday and he preferred to speak “face-to-face”.

I asked him if he still had a job!…He said, “yes, is that all you care about”?  “Mom, I’m healthy and not pregnant!”

Everyone comes into this life with gifts to share, “Rocky, thank you for making me laugh!”

In-Joy, Holly






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