I Wanted to Vomit After Typing My Name in Google

After typing my name into google, I felt like vomiting. I’ll be honest, I knew what I was going to see, but hoping it had disappeared.  Hope is good, yet reality can be brutal.

Todays blog from Holly Pasut, Freedom Speaker is about getting out from under google, especially when google won’t let go of the “dirt”.

Google and social media are engines of information.  Professionals create pristine profiles to promote themselves, their business and generate new business. Google has become the #1 way people search to find out more about who you are.

Do you care what a google search reveals about you? I must be honest, I do care.

As a former real estate broker, my reputation was largely created through image building, and branding. Most brokers today are still in the image industry, while selling homes. Bad publicity will ruin a real estate broker overnight even after years of building a stellar reputation. Sadly, forgiveness is underutilized and realtors continue to monitor their reputations through google alerts.

Last week I had decided it was time for me to join the ranks of the other professionals and manage my reputation, too. After discovering the numerous reputation management companies along with their absorbent fees, I quickly ditched that option.

Although there was another option.  For instance, the organic route.  It will take great effort, and time. Most importantly you must be consistent. I’m not opposed to effort and time, it’s the constant part, I’m not sure about, I tend to get distracted.  It’s not one of my best qualities, but it sure is fun!

Life will not always treat you or the people you love fairly. Life teaches you. What you do with the lesson is up to you. My lesson is overcoming what google says about me, especially when it’s icky.

Self-examining, self-study and self-discipline are found in challenging times. Who wants to be challenged? Not me, I like to go shopping and to the beach.

But life will redirect you at times, and you will have to make difficult choices. “Hard to swallow” kind of choices.

What I learned was to care more about the people I love, and less about what google says about me. Even though there are options to fix the results, do I really want to spend my time doing it? I think it is an excellent filter for finding and developing friendships with amazing people. The ability for others to demonstrate through their behavior the true meaning of non-judgement, sincerity, grace and mercy have inspired me. I am honored to be in such wonderful company.

Google is my friend. I receive breathtaking images from all over the world without leaving my kitchen table. Google has connected me with people I never would have found. Knowledge and information continues to be easily attainable through google searches. Google has endless possibilities. Admittingly, google is challenging for me, but challenges have a way of scraping more out of us than we knew we had. Google showed me something I wasn’t looking for. It showed me the way back to myself. None of us can decide on how others will perceive us, that’s up to them.

“A reputation is an animal designed by committee: you give birth to it, but the way it develops depends on the actions of others. Your reputation lives a very real existence apart from you, representing the collective mental construct everyone but you shares about you, a construct based partially on your own actions but also on the perceptions others have about perceptions of your actions”.

Enjoy some more practical insights about reputation.



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