My brain is distracted, help!  Seriously, if you think blogging for a year doesn’t make you cuckoo, then let me tell you…it does! That is not why I am distracted, keep reading. (Don’t get distracted)

When I ask others what they want to know, many say they want to know about Federal Prison. Who did I trust, did I have friends, was I afraid, bullied or inappropriately threatened.  The other group tells me to forget about it and move on. (Very bossy group, but they are only trying to help).

I am no longer a real estate agent, and in many ways, I’m okay with it. No more costly advertising to be paid out of my own pocket, no more driving buyers around town all weekend and no more disgruntled clients complaining for hours because their (overpriced) home won’t sell. So, I blog, instead.

I started writing as a form of therapy for myself. In time, I became inspired through encouraging comments… Such as, “I like the way you write, you’re funny, I can relate, I feel like you’re having a conversation with me, you give me things to think about, I’m inspired by your stories and you make me cry”. (Crying is good, right?)

As a professional “normal person”, who has endured some dung in life, as we all do. I decided to publicly speak about it. We will encounter some doozies in our lives, it’s just the way life is.  There will always be suffering. Since we endure those doozies in life, why not talk about it if it is healing for ourselves and others?

Yesterday I was going to post a blog, but something happened and I couldn’t think…Sometimes distraction can be a beautiful thing, I am 100% distracted…this is why I need your help.

On January 4, 2017 I received the most wonderful voicemail of which I never expected. “Holly, you are no longer under supervised probation, you have been released. Enjoy your life.”

I like to think my new year has begun with a miracle. Life has a way of piercing us from time to time, but it has not been fatal.

Freedom Speaker was born late 2015, and while I continue to beat my head against the wall trying to come up with interesting topics, I could use your help!

What would you like to read? Crumbs will be appreciated.

Happy New Year is an understatement…Expect a miracle!

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