Change is the Enemy of the Ego

Change can also be uncomfortable especially when you have no control over the situation. The ego will fight change and at times with all costs. Ask the drug addict, or the physically abused spouse, or the sexually harassed employee. (male or female).

What about a change of job because you were “let go” or truthfully fired or a change of friends because your old ones dumped you or a change of housing because you couldn’t afford the one you were in? Change can cause anxiety, wounded ego and can be humbling. The ego will fight change.

I found myself living in an environment, I had no control, nor any desire to remain and frankly quite humbling.

This change was being crammed down my throat and I was choking. Remember when your mother would force feed you to eat mushy squash as a young kid? Yuck. I resisted this change. The further I resisted the sicker and increasingly anxious I became. The mental fight began, I had no control over the situation, I couldn’t muscle my way out, I was going to lose this one. Damn my wounded ego!

When you cannot control your environment or conditions, YOU can still make changes. A change of mind.

One of Jesus’ very first messages in the Gospels, which is usually translated to “repent,” “convert,” or “reform” (Matthew 4:17, Mark1:15) is the Greek word metanoia, which literally means to “change your mind.” It is what Jesus calls us to do. But why? (I wish he would stop the mystery talk and be clear).

My guess is Jesus tells us to change our mind, because it is an intentional strategy for transformation of self or ego. When I started changing my mind about my environment, life became a scant more acceptable, a tad more tolerable. Change will cause you to observe yourself, if you are lucky.

Women were cheerful in a shitty environment, they were encouraging and said things would get better. How did they know? Who were they to tell me how I would feel? Many had accepted their crummy environment through a change of mind, which I believe changes a heart as well. (It’s a win-win).

Is your ego still holding on to the past, old patterns, beliefs and belonging systems? Is that making you happy, well nourished? If we hold on to them for too long or too tightly we never find our own values and God given strengths. Is this true of a lot of people you know? Is it true of you?

Personally, once I accepted ongoing change in my life and the uncertainty of my future, the ego slowly became dethroned. (It’s a daily battle).

I’d love to hear stories of how you changed your mind and found your slice of heaven here on earth. How well practiced are you at change?

Todays blog comes from Chapter Four in Holly’s book, “A Strange Path to Freedom”.

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