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Orange is the Most Disliked Color

Orange and I met over a government-issued nightgown. It was nothing like a black dress. The ginormous tent-like orange nightgown was one of the first pieces of clothing thrown at me. I kept it securely in my locker, thinking it was special. Orange, really? Was this because women escaped at night in their nightgown?

Why don’t more people wear it?

My first speaking presentation was for an audience of top real-estate professionals from across the country. Wearing an orange dress and nude-colored shoes, I was ready to take the stage. I shared my cautionary tale with optimism and an uplifting spirit. After the presentation a real-estate broker told me how she thought my wearing an orange dress was “catchy” (not to be confused with escaping … you know catchy … escaping). I laughed and thought what a marketing genius move that would be. LOL. (I had not thought of that.) Hence my orange dress was born.   

The ever-so-popular show Orange Is the New Black depicts orange as replacing the vogue color of black. As if to say, the color orange, which is associated with prison jumpsuits, is trendy! And I am here to tell you it’s not. But I am not an authority on that one because I never wore an orange jumpsuit. (I have worn other jumpsuits, but it’s highly inconvenient, especially when going to the restroom.) We actually sported the ever-so-not-popular color of khaki, a color I actually like!

Did you know orange is the most disliked color in the Western world?

While googling the color orange, I found all sorts of unreliable and riveting information.

Did you know…

  • Orange is adventurous and energetic and pairs nicely with brunettes. That’s a no brainer.
  • Another fickle piece of information: orange is extroverted and uninhibited, often encouraging exhibitionism or, at the very least, showing-off! An exhibitionist? I object to that one.
  • Oh, here’s a good one: orange is obviously the worst color to have in the kitchen if you are trying to lose weight!
  • My fav: orange aids in the assimilation of new ideas and frees the spirit of its limitations, giving us the freedom to be ourselves. At the same time, it encourages self-respect and respect of others.

Color is a powerful way of communicating without saying one itty bitty word. I think I will wear an orange nightgown today and not talk.

If you are thinking of using orange in a business application, read about the meanings of colors in business.

What is your color choice? And why?

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