Same Old Day Suddenly Changes

Same old day. Two cups of French roast coffee, scented candles, meditation and prayer. After breakfast the same old hot shower and a fast search for the right outfit… depending on my mood. Hopefully, I was not in multiple moods. Backing out of the driveway and off to the same old office.

Unlocking my private office, firing up the computers, letting the same old day begin! Phones were ringing. Realtors were pacing the hallway and several would pop their head in to say hello.  I wasn’t very keen on being interrupted, especially when I was juggling several tasks at once. I wanted to put a sign on the door that said, “The Queen is not granting audiences today.” But, I guess you have to be a queen first.

This same old day was like any other ho-hum day… organized drama (hectic and exhausting). Until… the receptionist buzzed me to announce I had two gentlemen in the lobby to see me. Snap, my lucky day! These are the kind of days a single woman would cherish. Still it was unusual for visitors to stop in without an appointment.

At first glance, my mystery guests didn’t appear real. Two tall, dark and hot men.  I was only praying for one man, and God plopped two in my lobby. Hallelujah! What could I have done to deserve this? Both men were nicely dressed which complimented their athletic stature.  With any luck they were developers looking for a large tract of land.

Here is where it gets tricky. My same old day flipped-flopped. A change in scenery is welcomed, yet to what degree? This was the day I unexpectedly met the FBI. This same old day stopped me dead in my stilettos.

Shock came to my mind.

I was jolted by the FBI because I had fallen prey to worldly thinking…“something bad is going to happen.” Can you remember a time you experienced anticipatory doom?

Was it while you were awaiting for the biopsy result of a suspicious mole, listening in the wee hours of the night for the sound of your teenager to return home, or a time of anticipating the loss of your job? How does the wait affect you?

Feeling sick and frightened was the beginning for me. What did you experience or remember? I was in a professional environment so there was no sappy crying or throwing paperweights at co-workers. Instead, I became quiet, very quiet, unusually quiet. Despite the fact, my internal organs were spiraling, I surprisingly felt a sense of calm. Or was it paralyze? Whether you’ve been kicked in the teeth or endured the difficult wait, your mind and body will react.

In my book, I spent a lot of time realizing one mistake caused a lifetime of fallout. Most of you reading this may never experience prison, nevertheless you might be living in a prison of your own making. I want to be a part of allowing you to break free from where you are now and break into where God has intended you to be. Maybe you don’t have the FBI knocking on your door. Maybe some “thing” is blocking your way… Perhaps a loved one. Or, could it be you? If your flicker of light has died, something is keeping you locked up. 
Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it. I learned the hard way. What will it take for you to break out, break free, and move out of the ho-hum of a normal day?



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