Transparency is a Risky Business

Did you know we are made to be transparent, authentic, and vulnerable?  Doesn’t that sound alarming? Transparency? I’d rather be naked than expose my heart. (Well, not exactly, but I couldn’t think of anything else).

Alternatively, we have become, a society of judging others who don’t agree with our opinions or behave the way we expect. We have become insecure with ourselves and our relationships, and at some point suffer from feeling invisible or lacking in the world, as if we are not of great significance. (News flash…we are all priceless).  Then we hide or act as if everything is wildly impressive!

Most people I know, including myself are pressured to keep their lives from unravelling further or stressing to put them back together again. If you are anything like me, I am one who suffers silently.  I don’t like to ask for help, because I am hesitant people will view me as weak. (And who are these people, and do I really care?)

Others are in hurting relationships, but are ashamed to admit to it.  They may see themselves as broken, unfaithful, or estranged. Humility or what I like to call it … “down-to-earthness” is not for the weak.

As a former realtor I used to witness clients, whether married or single, male and female hiding behind their fancy homes, mortgaged to the hilt. From the exterior the home had the desired attractiveness or curb appeal, but the interior told a conflicting story.  When I asked, “Where’s the furniture”?  Client replied, “Oh we never intended to stay here long, so we never bought any”. Admitting the struggle might of felt like defeat, while those who had shown courage and honesty, got my attention.

Transparency is a risky business!  But once you throw yourself out there, the struggle goes away. “It’s like unhooking your bra”. (Sorry guys). What would your world look like if you didn’t have to struggle, alone? Freedom, friendship, fellowship, love…?

Do you base your relationships on the performance of others?  If that person can assist my career, introduce me to the beautiful people, connect me to a powerful network or invite me to impressionable parties, then I want to be friends with them.  Is that really what friendship is about? That sounds like you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Turn on the news…quid pro quo.

There was a time I could recount those days, but reminding myself everyday to encourage myself and others, while we can make mistakes, confess sin, and be changed. “None of us are equipped to judge”  

Today I will practice “welcoming others”…Holly



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