Everybody wants something out of life

What do you want out of life? Do I hear you say, “Happiness, love, health, family, money, good job, great sex”? What does that really mean? It’s a universal response, which doesn’t mean anything.

Perhaps if I asked, “What are you willing to struggle for”? Ah, ha, now you say “What”?

If you want the hot body, it requires dedication. Sweating your buns off regularly, screaming lungs, pushing through the aching muscles, and oh no, hunger pains! You said you wanted to be healthy!

Everybody wants to have a fabulous job or career, but not everybody is willing to do what it takes to get there. This might involve, tedious paperwork, long hours, higher education, and company politics. Delayed gratification doesn’t sit well, especially in today’s culture. People want to be rich, in 10 minutes or less! Sacrificing doesn’t come easy, it’s not found in the app store.

I’m guilty of wanting a yummy relationship, but am I willing to struggle for it? I would prefer not! All couples endure hurt feelings, tough conversations, compromise, and don’t forget how much fun the psychodrama can be.

I spoke to a match.com suspect the other day, and he blubbered he did not want any drama in his life. I quickly concluded he did not want a realistic relationship, at least with me. Who doesn’t have a little drama in their life?

Obviously, we want to be happy, it’s at the core of human nature. I believe the quality of our lives are not determined by the things that come easy to us, but by the suffering we can endure to find those good feelings. Struggle can be detrimental to how our lives turn out.

Here’s the truth, we all want something. Ask yourself, how long you have wanted it?  Do you want the same thing, month after month, year after year? Maybe what you want is just to want. Fantasies, dreams and ideal images, might be all you really want.

You have the choice in deciding how much you are willing to risk, how long you will suffer and how much pain you are willing to tolerate. I realize my wants and desires, may not become realities, because I’m not sure I really want it.



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