“Have you ever said yes when you should have said no, especially in your workplace and to someone you thought was trustworthy?”

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Holly Pasut, widow and single mother of three children, was a nationally recognized real estate agent in a booming market. Then she said yes to something that landed her in federal prison. A Strange Path to Freedom shares slices of Holly’s prison life through her quirky and often spiritual lens, as well as the wisdom she gained from the experience. Holly spent time in a literal, physical prison. But people erect figurative, mental prisons around themselves all the time.

Her stories offer a guide for others to free themselves from negative thoughts and emotions that lock them in. And they offer a cautionary tale for navigating ethical choices in the workplace.

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“No, this is not about Martha Stewart (although I would love to talk to her at some point) … but about another woman’s journey through the justice system and how she made the most of it. There is no shortage of books on white collar crime, most of which make for better case studies than full-length books.  So, I was intrigued when I set out to read Holly Pasut’s account of her path to prison and how it set her free…”

Walter Pavlo - Forbes

“Oh my goodness, what a colorful read! Go ahead, I dare you, take a ride on the author’s shoulder. Get ready for a heartwarming, true journey about how Uncle Sam drug a single mother through a judicial swamp and her brave climb back to freedom. Her writing style is bold, courageously honest, casual, and hilarious. You’ll belly laugh to the last page. This is one book that I wanted to go on and on. Hopefully she’ll follow up with a sequel soon.”

Steven Cook, M.D.

“This is a quick read with a little humor added in that helps balance such a difficult time. Holly manages to find the “light” in going to prison and in doing so broadens her own faith. Her dreams, deep thoughts and faith that shines around others is not only uplifting ,but truly remarkable!! You finish the book wanting more of what life is truly about.”

Kathy Morris

“Holly Pasut’s personal account of her time spent in federal prison reveals much more than the daily life of a white-collar, professional inmate. Using wit, humor, solemnity and spiritual references, her story challenges readers to examine their own lives, explore other perspectives, and be optimistic and less judgmental. After all, some of us create our own prisons in life.”

Cynthia Wheeler

“When I found out Holly had written a book I bought it right away. It was a book I couldn’t put down even though it was a white collar crime I didn’t realize all that went on In prison and Holly described it in a way we all could relate to by making a simple mistake by saying yes instead of no.”

Al Millian
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