Who hasn’t signed something for someone else—not with intent to commit fraud, but to save time, solidify the transaction, or because they were asked to sign?

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An educated, loving,  single mother. A nationally recognized, successful real estate broker and a pillar in her community. Holly, faced with making a choice that anyone could be presented with, said “yes” when she should have said “no”, found herself locked up in federal prison.

What makes Holly different?

An abundance of keynote speakers talk about leadership and transforming business organizations, or they preach ethics and compliance. Holly is different. She shares a real-life story that can happen to anyone. Her time in federal prison, taught her about her own critical thinking errors, a subject that needs to be emphasized.The importance of this message is for our future leaders as well as those in the workplace today.

The most educated leaders are not being taught what to do if a situation or request doesn’t quite feel right… What would you do if in a similar situation?

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"Holly tells an inspirational, entertaining, educational and courageous real life tale!"