Holly Pasut

Speaker, Author, Blogger

A Unique Story

An educated, single mother and successful real estate broker became a former federal prison inmate.
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Holly is different, and here's why.

An abundance of keynote speakers talk about leadership and transforming business organizations, or they preach ethics and compliance. Holly is different. She shares a real-life story that can happen to anyone. Her time in federal prison, taught her about her own critical thinking errors, a subject that needs to be emphasized.

The importance of this message is for our future leaders as well as those in the workplace today. Our future leaders are more educated today than all other generations, but are they prepared when the CEO asks them to do something that doesn’t feel right? Are they aware of the consequences?

Seasoned professionals who straddle the ethical line may never have any negative consequences—until the day it changes their lives forever. Incentives can distort thinking and always change behaviors. We must learn to listen to the voice that is not our own.

Our culture respects higher education and strong work ethics, and we often admire those at the top, especially when the competition is fierce. What happens when an educated, successful professional makes a bad decision? Learn how the downside risks caused by bad decisions are greater than the upside benefits accrued by all the good ones!

“Who hasn’t signed something for someone else—not with intent to commit fraud, but to save time, solidify the transaction, or because they were asked to sign? Married couples sign documents for one another, parents sign forms for their kids, and professionals sign contracts for their clients. Have we lost the ability to choose the harder right versus the easier wrong?” - Holly

Keynote Topics

The Big Lesson from Federal Prison

Felonies can be committed without knowledge of any crime. Understand how the law defines conspiracy and how it can happen to you. Audiences will be haunted as Holly takes them through a journey never imagined. Learn the hard truth about how you are making decisions and examine your own actions. Find out how you can commit fraud without intent. The caution flag is raised as professionals become alert to trouble and how to stay out of it.

Recognizing Your Inner Voice

Intuition is given to us for a purpose. It functions quickly and so well that we doubt it functions at all! Learn how to recognize and understand the contradicting voices we hear. Become aware of the ego voice and the language of the true-self voice. The ego hates to lose.

8 Critical Thinking Errors

Attendees will learn how Holly’s critical thinking errors impacted her professional decision-making. Holly interacts with attendees by giving examples of day-to-day decision-making and the significance of how consequences can change lives. Examples are thought provoking, educational, and at times humorous. Professionals who try to do the right thing with intent of cultivating a good image might rethink their actions.

Choosing to Stand

Without the ability to change circumstances, we must look at changing ourselves. Learn how to accept the pain of life and unanswered questions without understanding and some days without meaning. Become aware of how practicing objectivity will change your view of yourself and others, while shielding yourself from toxic thoughts in a world of distraction. What’s your legacy?