When asked to be featured for the “Overcoming Crisis” issue of a business magazine serving the greater Charlotte area, I didn’t know if that was a good thing or not. I suppose the overcoming part is good, but the crisis part…ugh. (between you and I, I never said I had overcome anything!)Actually, I consider myself to be a “work in progress”.

The b2bTRIBE magazine shares the authentic lives of entrepreneurs and small business owners. The issue is not only inspirational, but focuses on the many levels and forms of crisis many of us have endured and thrived.

Some journeys people endure seem unfair, heart-breaking and unimaginable, but whatever it is you are going through, realize the operative words are “going through”.

While incarcerated, I knew my life was not going to be spent in Cube 44, but only a period of time. My mind was able to choose freedom and able to see the world through a different colored lens.

Crisis, as painful as it feels at that minute, can turn a positive, when you are open-minded and willing, and it ain’t easy! Sometimes, a change of heart is a change of mind.

I decided to unlock my past and share the lessons learned while living in “The Big House”, it made no sense to fear it! Fear is paralyzing, and we are repeatedly commanded by God, “not to be afraid”. (besides, it’s a lot more fun)

Life is a series of chapters, what’s written on the left side of the page is the past, what’s to be written on the right side of the page, has already been written! I’m not sure I have “overcome” anything, I’d like to think, I’m enjoying my time.

Joy and Fear are not compatible, you have the freedom to choose. Cheers!


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