Christmas is a birthday party.

Just the other night I found myself staring at my pathetic Christmas tree. It’s about three feet tall and unusually skinny. It does, however, have flocked branches and attached white lights for a holiday effect. My living room is small and (I know) over decorated, so I thought a modest tree would be best. Because my sad tree is short, I placed it on top of an accent table. Now the tree looks like it has lost its lower half.

My little rug rats are all grown up and no longer believe in Santa. This does get me off the hook in that I no longer tip-toe around the house on Christmas Eve placing gifts under the Christmas tree. But then again, nobody leaves Santa chocolate cookies and milk before they go to bed either.

Being the matriarch of the family (in my own mind), I decided to talk about how we wanted to spend Christmas without spending needless money! I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to buy extravagant gifts or expect to receive them either.

Every year we overspend, increase financial debt, and miss out on the true meaning of Christmas.

Tis the holiday season, whether you’re ready or not. This can be a time of delight or distraught. But it is the only holiday most people celebrate for an entire month! Christmas is a party. It’s really a birthday party.

This Christmas is going to be a birthday party. it’s a celebration party! It’s the birth of peasant boy born 2000 years ago, Jesus.

This year I am proposing a birthday party without ignoring the person we celebrate.  Even though the guest of honor won’t be in the room, he is still present. This birthday party is not for Rudolf, Frosty, Grinch, and Santa Claus—it’s Jesus’s birthday party.

What are you celebrating this Christmas?

  • True love?
  • End-of-the-year bonus?
  • Your son’s return from Iraq?

Christmas is birthday party, but we don’t bring any gifts; we receive them.

Have you ever received a priceless gift?  Have you ever received a gift that lasts forever and it’s available 24 hours a day every day?

I love my half-sized tree because I see a life to celebrate and a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. I am going to place special gifts under the lonely tree as a reminder to the true meaning of Christmas. When I find myself staring at my strange little tree, with flocked branches and attached white lights, I will pray for “peace on earth and good will towards men.” I’m going to celebrate with angel food cake and ice- cream!

How do you celebrate this Holiday Season?

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