Do you have a Dream?

February 1, 2016

Dreams, wishes, ideas or images, do you have one?  Are dreams designed to become a reality?

One of my favorite quotes by  Henry David Thoreau, Walden: Or, Life in the Woods

“I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

Do you live each day like ground hog day?  Everyday is the same, you are programmed to get up, go to work, work out, go home, eat dinner, watch TV, then go to bed?  Tomorrow you do it all over again.

Life in prison was the same.  Scheduled, strictly organized and controlled… boring! No matter the length of your sentence, each day reoccurred over and over again.

The uplifting news, for most of us, we can create our own timetable.  Whether you feel you have the potential is up to you.  No victims permitted.

If your dream makes you feel alive, Thoreau says, you will meet an unexpected  success!  I believe God has something greater than you can ever imagine.  But (don’t you hate sentences that begin with a but?) But, you must get in the game.

Babbling about the dream is not the blueprint.  Analyzing the dream may be limiting to the possibilities of the unexpected success.  Committing oneself to move towards is a step in your personal transformation,

Here are some choices in regards to your dreams.

* Do nothing and live the life you are living.

* Come to the realization and acceptance that your dream is your dream.  You own it, therefore you must self-initiate.  Do not expect others to make your dream come true.

*Seek an understanding. (Personally I find it absolutely intriguing when people turn away from ideas they do not immediately understand rather than pause and say “Hmmm, would you tell me more”?

In my training to become a Dream Buider Coach, I was struck by this sentence below and believe it is worthy of sharing with you.

Some people live 90 years, other people live 1 year 90 times.

What do you choose?



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