To enjoy or be in-joy, that is the question.

Enjoy the weekend, activity, dinner, event…whatever it is, enjoy! Take delight, take pleasure, blah, blah, blah. I get sick of people telling me to enjoy everything.

I don’t enjoy going to the dentist, or the gas station and shoot me now, when I go to the DMV.

Enjoy, is that a command or demand? Do you pretend to enjoy? Ever want to scream at passive aggressive people? How about when Uncle Joe enjoys a case of beer before, during and after the family gathering? Although he does seem to be enjoying himself.

Not everything in life is going to be enjoyable. Losing money in the stock market, getting your feelings hurt or squeezing into your favorite pair of stretch jeans.

What we need to learn… is learn to deal with things that are not enjoyable.

If someone asked you to go for a walk on a hot humid day, with a 73% chance of afternoon rain, would you find enjoyment? Would you find enjoyment in the humidity or with being with someone you cared about?

Does our society put too much emphasis on external activities, entertainment, and busying ourselves in order to fulfill enjoyment? And when those things fail us, what’s left? Ugh, you mean there’s nothing to do? Yikes! Oh no, boredom may take over. Has anyone ever died from boredom? Sadly, probably could happen.

Learning to live In-joy, when your date is a loser, you over drafted your bank account or you lost your job. Tapping into what nobody can take away, your core, your foundation, who you are regardless of the setbacks in your life. Finding an inner contentment is the greatest gift you already have. Yes, you already have it, but in our everyday life it can easily become buried with all the other fun nonsense. Shoe sales, Bistro’s and sipping yummy Italian wine. (Doesn’t that sound fun, and in that order?) 

Living In-joy, is always a choice, no one can take that away.

Can you remember a time when things weren’t going very good and you still had an inner joy?

If you have ever felt as if you were living in a prison, check out my new book.


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