thPICS09DYGod and I hang out every morning, typically before dawn.  While it is dark, still and silent outside other than a few birdies chirping, it’s such a tranquil time of the day.

This morning we enjoyed our coffee, we laughed, we asked some questions, and I shed a few tears, (if you know me, you know I am a weeping woman).  God is attentive and exceedingly wise plus he has a sense of humor.

I confessed to God, I stopped asking for direction, because I knew he already knew what I wanted.  Since he knows everything I aspire, why do I even bother to keep asking? (like hello???)  I admitted to him, that my prayers and conversations had been gratitude and family focused, because I didn’t want to appear selfish.  Besides, I felt like I was only bugging him, just the way my kids bugged me when they were younger. (They bugged me and then I would give in….hmmm)

Feeling compelled to make it clear to God, what I wanted, I decided to ask, and surrendered the fear of appearing selfish.  I felt like I had unhooked my bra, actually I was relieved.

It’s exhilarating to let go and know what I want or something better is in front of me.  And if I am on the wrong path, I am willing and watchful for God to redirect my steps.

I suspect if you are able to read this stupid blog, maybe you have been curious about how to pray, too.  Prayer is not about taking control and trying to manipulate God to get what you want.  It’s about forming a relationship, while God doesn’t change, he changes you.

Whether you are in prison, or mentally in prison, you can break free if you are willing.  You deserve nothing, become blameless and humbly ask God to remove you shortcomings.

Have a cup of coffee and hang out with God… I think he’s a good dancer, too!

In-Joy, Holly








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