How about those Panthers!

Starting out with a win is over-rated…LOL. What do I mean?  Even though our home team won, I feel melancholy today.

Have you ever felt pulled by two people…stuck in the middle?   Not knowing what to do, because you love both of them, realizing you are not the solution!  This could be family, friends or lovers, whatever your circumstance are, it is a hazardous place to be.  If you go to one side or the other side too much, you find yourself not being true to yourself.

Fundamentalists mind vs. Spiritual Mind.  The fundamentalist mind is a mind that likes answers and explanations, rights and wrongs, to the point of becoming self-serving.  The spiritual mind, seeks balance between opposites.

My belief, is life is a mystery.  Scriptures are a mystery.  Finding the perfect balance between darkness and light.  Not completely knowing, but having faith and being comforted in your own humility.

The Bible is not written for academic settings, nor is life.  Perhaps it is written for those seeking to be open-minded and willing to accept being emptied, small, confused or lost.

With the suffering we all experience, it is in that time, of which the mystery of the Bible will serve you.

If today is missing something that makes you feel alive, be assured, in those times it is also an opportunity to be grateful for the wonderful things you have received.

My mom used to say, “Think pink and you will never be blue”!  Thanks mom.  Love Holly


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