th8RVG3TTI“Joy” is not so easy to describe, and trust me, I have been trying.  Perhaps it’s my choice of words, but it’s something within me.  It lives through me.  (I know what it is, and that’s good enough for me)

In the book “Road to Character”, by David Brooks, he simply says…Joy is a byproduct experienced by people who were aiming for something else!

I was aiming at getting out of prison.  You kidding me, when in prison, the goal is to get OUT! As I was sitting on my cozy lumpy bed one early morning, (5am) crying and sipping gross coffee, I started to feel drunk!  Well not really drunk, but (help me) I need a word!  Lighter, bubbly, ok, calm, more than peaceful….content.  Joy.

Refreshed and ready.  Ready to go nowhere.  No hurry, no cares, no worry, content.  It doesn’t mean I don’t cry anymore, but the tears are different.  Doesn’t mean I’m happy everyday, or never sad.  Human emotions, are part of our wiring, but the Joy has become my rock, in me, it’s my home base and I feel safe knowing it’s there!

A little secret, it wasn’t fun getting there.  It was through pain and suffering.  (UGH) I never sought Joy, who would seek pain and suffering?  “Hello, can you tell me where the pain and suffering department is”? or “I only have a few minutes, is there a drive through”?….

What does Joy feel like for you?  Have you felt it? Have you lost it?  Do you protect it?  Can it be stolen? Joy fascinates me.  How about you?

The sun is shinning today…reminds me of my beautiful mom (she’s mostly beautiful to me, because she is in heaven now, but trust me, she made me pull weeds before my nail polish was completely dry sometimes….ugh)  She used to say, “Go outside and play and fill your pockets up with sunshine”  (even if I didn’t have pockets)

You do the same today, breath it in, from the top of your head to last little toe.  I bet you’ll giggle. (GOL) Giggle out loud!

In-Joy, Holly-would


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