Magic is real and pretend at the same time. This is real . . . you are on your knees yanking weeds out of the garden on a record-setting hot, humid day. How’s it going? Sweat is dripping down your forehead, and every time you attempt to redirect the sweat, you end up rubbing dirt into your eyes. What fun. Now the magic begins. You are still weeding, but now you imagine yourself on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas. There is no humidity as you lie on your no-gravity lounge chair covered in a fluffy white oversized towel. The smell of the sea and gentle breeze have a way of washing all your cares away. You are free.  The magic of the mind is unlimited. In the worst of my situations, I can secretly choose to be somewhere else if I expand my imagination. Just the other day, I was sitting on I-77 in my car, obviously at a standstill. The magic began. No longer was I in my economical Mini Cooper but in a luxurious limousine, lounging in a private bubbly bathtub while sipping champagne and nibbling on chocolate-dipped strawberries. Cube 44 was a prison cell, but it didn’t have to be that way for me. Over time I found a little magic powder to sprinkle on a sad situation. I became very good at creating scenarios that nourished my desire for freedom and pleasure rather than bitterness and pain. We cannot always control what life throws at us, but we can ALWAYS decide how we will react to it. Adding a little magic to your life is not only for magicians. We are mysterious animals by nature, and sometimes miss out because we only see what is directly before our own eyes. It’s what we don’t see that is the real magic. Poof! I’d love to hear about how you use your imagination to change your mindset.  This weeks reflection comes from Chapter 5 of  A Strange Path to Freedom           

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