thHQEQ5CPEYes, I too have succumb myself to, for better or worse, in sickness and in health….wait those are wedding vows….hold up!

My “Mr. Perfect”—“Tall (6’2″-6’4”), dark, handsome, witty, exceptional dancer, stylish, faithful and honest, and must be generously employed…code for wildly wealthy.  Kids must be grown and out of the house, (I’ve already done enough birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese), educated, athletic and toned. Can fix things around the house, (all of our vacation homes, too) ( I love a man with a tool belt….) and schleps potting soil, flowers and clay pots for me. Trader Joe’s on the weekends for chocolate and more flowers. Church on Sunday.  Between the ages of 53-62…for starters”.

“Mr. Perfect’s” —would read….

“Tall, brunette and who cleans up well.  Funny and the life of the party. Dances in department stores to background music, creates her own fashion statement, faithful and honest, unemployed, grown kids she speaks with daily (several times) and typically cooks for at least once a week.  Looking for a women who has been married at least 3 times (men must love to marry her)  and must spend countless hours meditating on life.  She must be willing to travel only if she doesn’t have to pay for it.   Preferable a woman who is crazy, high spirited and laughs exceedingly loud. Someone who no longer practices real estate because she has surrendered her license and lost her livelihood would be exciting.  My true love would have definitely gone to Federal Prison and would be willing to share stories to friends, family and on the internet.   She must be working on becoming more vulnerable! Between the ages of 59-60…for starters”.

Is there anything wrong with this picture?

In my own weirdness…Holly

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