How to prepare for a speaking presentation is a matter of opinion. Since everyone has their own way of doing things, there is no right or wrong way to prepare (in my opinion).

Today’s blog is about preparing for a speaking presentation and rehearsing your message. (Caution, this could be either painful or completely hysterical.)

I like to practice in my bedroom. (That sounds strange, doesn’t it?) My bohemian jewelry chest from Pier One Imports makes a perfect pretend lectern. It’s miraculously about the right height you would expect a lectern to be. If your PC is on a desk or cart, you will struggle to see your presenter notes. I am 5’8” and prefer to wear dresses when speaking. A 90-degree bend-over is not in good taste.

Then I hook up my HDMI-compliant source device to my TV. (Oddly, I love this part because it makes me feel “techie.”) I also like to use my power cord because my battery sucks. My next step is to turn on the big screen TV. Sounds easy, right? I had to call my son for further instruction because I couldn’t get my presentation on the screen. You guessed it! I forgot to change the source from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2. (I’m cool, now.)

Yes, I’m ready to start rehearsing my speech. No, something isn’t right. I need people, faces, reactions. I’m going to tell you a secret; please don’t report me. I line up my pillows—not only my sleeping pillows, but my decorative throw pillows— along the back of the bed.  Once they are nicely propped up as people against my headboard, I am ready to begin. (It can be worrisome when they heckle me.)

Deep breath, I need water. I forgot to get a glass of water from the kitchen. That’s okay, it’s good exercise since my kitchen is downstairs. Now I am in the kitchen and notice dishes soaking in the sink from last night. Well, while I am at the sink, I’ll go ahead and wash them. Done, back to the rehearsing.

Okay, plugged in, looking good, water on standby, ready to begin. My phone rings. Oh no, it’s my pregnant daughter calling. Do I answer? Don’t answer? It might be important rather than anther vomiting episode. Thirty minutes later we hang up and I’m getting hungry.

Back in the kitchen, preparing lunch. I don’t eat anything heavy because I want to get to the gym before I am tired out from rehearsing my speech. I make the decision to go to the gym while I have the energy so I can cycle for 30 minutes and lift weights.

Once I get back home from working out, I clear my mind by sorting through my emails and returning phone calls. Once I am caught up on everything I can get back to rehearsing my speaking presentation. Ding-dong, the doorbell? Oh, it might be the package I’ve been waiting for. I fly downstairs and swing open the door. It’s a neighbor.

Wow, where did the day go? It’s happy hour now.

I will be speaking to the real estate community November 5 at the REALTORS Conference & Expo in Boston!

Looking for a different speaker at your 2019 event? Real Estate, Banking, Mortgage, Accounting, Compliance & Ethics and Women’s Empowerment Organizations contact me at

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