th9KGKEYFQHave you ever felt like, no matter what you did, it wasn’t enough?  Sure you have. (I’ll answer the questions for you)

As I have gotten older (OMG I sound like my parents) I don’t seem to crash and burn when disappointments come my way.  Have I matured, or has my faith increased? (You can answer that one)

Let me share a story about an old mule…

The farmer decided to bury this old mule.  The farmer placed the mule in the hole and began shoveling dirt on top of the mule.  The old mule would shake the dirt off and then step on the dirt.  Farmer would shovel more dirt on the mule and the mule would shake it off, and then step on the dirt.  Eventually the mule shook all the shovels of dirt off and was standing on the top of the pile!

Keep shaking off the dirt, and keep stepping up.  I know it sounds easy, but after awhile and a lot of practice it does get easier.

Grow, stretch and shake it off!

In-joy, Holly



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