Sipping wine in the library prison



Many of us share stories about our life experiences and comical memories. Today, I found myself reflecting on ladies I met while in prison.  During those scorching hot, muggy days of summer we would congregate in the air conditioned library…

We refered to the library as “Club Library” or “Club” for short.  We had a sign on our table… “reserved”.  We considered it to be preferred seating because it was next to the oscillating fan, total grandeur. The other inmates would look at us, like we were deranged, but when we flipped the sign over, it read…”no corking fee”.  I seriously believe were out-of-our-minds, however we were entertained by our fantasy…sipping wine on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, while at Alderson Federal Prison Camp.

Denise was better known as the “Senator”, because she was hostile and passionate about protecting the rights of other inmates.  As a lesbian General Contractor in her former life, she was diligent about exploiting violated policy and constructing escape routes. (just kidding)

Rose, was a Romanian gypsy but we referred to her as “The Professor”.  She didn’t say too much…she spent most of her time, studying people. Her eyes had this unusual power to see-through a person, ghoulish at times.

I was referred to as the “Maya Angelou” of the group, my viewpoint was of peace, love and happiness, which actually drove the Senator extra wacky.  Every other word out of her mouth was F’you and F’that along with the Professor who couldn’t stop reading people.  It became obvious to us, the next best thing, aside from the oscillating fan, was for us to write… our own sitcom!

The Professor was told to start jotting down her daily activities and to take good notes.  She laughed and said she was the one who couldn’t remember stuff!  We told her this was the reason we were asking her to write things down! (Full disclosure)…so if the Professor has little input, it’s because she forgot to take her notes.  However, she did say she still wanted credit for the sitcom, but felt more comfortable giving orders. OMG

It’s complicated writing a sitcom from the “club” in prison, but it’s positively memorable. LOL…Stay tuned…

Just another day at “The Club”, Holly

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