Tap dancing under my desk

This might come off as really quirky, but I just caught myself tap dancing under my desk as I was logging on to my blog.  Why? Whenever I see comments pending, I become totally jubilant!  Comments from strangers, make me gleeful…I’m so easily pleased!  LOL

Truth- I have never done this before and I am not really sure as to what it is that I am doing!  A few things I do know.  Blogging, makes me feel alive.  It is something that makes me feel light and refreshed.  I sound like I have had a few too many mojito’s!

For over 12 years, I spent most of time, working in a field that gave me a platform to provide financially for my family.  After surrendering the privilege of  holding a real estate license, the reality of my lost livelihood went with it.

Today, I am sorta, kinda, strangely okay with it.  Why?  You see, I probably would not have taken “action” towards changing careers.  The government made the decision for me and now there is an opening for something else, something different.

Don’t think this road was easy, but for today, I am not going to write about the potholes of life, but rather concentrate on the feeding of faith.

When your daily life starts out with “not wanting to go to work” but you go, because you don’t know what else to do, and you dream about creating a life you really would love to live, but don’t, you my friend are living in your own prison.

This place is called the “gap”.  You are living between two places.   You are choosing to live life doing what you feel is safe and comfortable, something you know.  Maybe you are afraid if you go after your dream, your “tap dance” you might fail, and the fact is, you might.

Federal Prison, was my “gap”, my stuckness, if you will.  It’s not a secure place to  root, I can tell you that.  Perhaps I am hallucinating, but most people seek to avoid pain or move towards pleasure.  When you are in the “gap”, it’s beyond either pain or pleasure.

Freedom Speaker is me, coming out of my gap, slowly.  If you can relate, are you beginning to fall into your gap, at the bottom (there is no bottom), climbing out of the gap…maybe you are leaping out with faith?  I just want to say Touchdown!  whoop whoop.

My oldest son, said to me as I was facing prison, “Mom, holes are not to be lived in, they are to be climbed out of”.  (he never heard the “gap” speech before) LOL

Failure is an option, but not one I shoot for, but it could happen.  Now that we cleared that up, let’s put it to the side.  Living the life I want is also an option….what would that look like?  What’s something good that could come out of taking that step?  When I began thinking like that, it started to wake me up.  Wow, could that happen? Truth is, it really could.

So here I am today, beginning to show my face with my very small blog, hoping to help, inspire and motivate a few everyday people, like myself.  WE all have ideas, stories, dreams, failures, aspirations, insecurities, fears, challenges and sadness.  We all belong, but I don’t think we belong in the gap.

Planning, taking baby steps, are okay, just keep it moving.  Is your dream something you would love to do, does it align with your core values, will you learn and grow from the steps, will you rely on a greater power and is there some good in it for others? If so, put on your tap shoes!!!

Always looking for dance partners, Holly

P.S.  Currently, I am not on any social media, nor have I put forth much effort in promoting FeedomSpeaker.  If you feel moved to share it with others, or comment, you will inspire me, thank you.



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