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January 18, 2016

Confession, I am now on  Why? Because I want to meet someone who can clean-up after me.  I was going to say a partner in crime but that really is not funny.  Don’t you think we all want to be loved?  Well I do, a daily hug, a holding of the hand, someone who understands you without words needing to be said.

Mentally preparing for my coffee date I couldn’t help but begin to hear my imaginary dialogue when the match asks me to tell him about myself!  Ugh. It’s such a loaded question.  How far back do you go? What could he possible need to know?

Most of us have some baggage.  Some have only a carry on bag, or the basic Samsonite, but yikes… What about those  who have a valet staff? It’s the only way to travel, sorta.

The profiles I read are fascinating.  I get to enter a world of personal thoughts and become introduced to some basic wiring.  Braced when men post requirements such as, no drama, no criminal records, minor baggage and sense of humor.   I’m thinking 1 out of 4 isn’t terrible, is it?  It is, I know…and math was not my favorite subject (calculator dependent).

My friends suggest I let the person get to know me before I announce my stay under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Prisons.  What they really are suggesting is for me to portray myself in a manner that would not cause any reason for concern.  After the man spends time with me, and considers me a potential match, or really falls “in like” or maybe “in love” then hit them with a casual little leak about the time I was “deployed “ to a Federal Prison.  Maybe deeper conversations like this are best shared when scuba diving or better yet, sky diving???

“Tell me about yourself”…Does that sound like an opening for a light and fluffy conversation, or is this the time you divulge things that will probably come up at some point? So… I asked my coffee date to tell me a few things he would not want to put on his resume.  His resume is really boring, coma! Do you know he did not wash his sheets for almost a year? And he yells at other drivers who do not respond when the traffic light changes from red to green!!! I am not sure if I can handle this person!  Could we possibly be a match?

Feeling compelled to share my recent past, and going against my friends who have never been in similar shoes, I shared.  Actually it is an amazing filter.  I survived the heart felt intimate conversation and so did he.

Life as I know and feel, offers a spaciousness even when I have issues surrounding myself.  Keeping an expandable suitcase keeps me prepared as it enlarges through new experiences and relationships.  Whether from the past or the present I will be the one with a valet!  The contents inside the suitcase are my life, and worth sharing.

At the end of the day, my spirit is comfortable, truth seeking and okay with who I am.  You?

Listening to your built-in navigation system, Holy Spirit, 3rd eye, intuition whatever you name it, it will put you on the right path, no matter how much baggage you travel with.

Happy Travels, Holly

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