th75UO2EHWWe are a society of walking firecrackers, seemingly ready to explode any minute.  Doesn’t that sound relaxing and peaceful? Even our political officials are full of negativity and accusatory towards one another.  Can you imagine Trump in yoga class or Hillary in a humility workshop?

I’m convinced our Presidential race operates out of fear, power, self- interest and delusions of grandeur.  Wow!  The candidates are well groomed with similar character traits, it’s hard to pick only one.

I’m finding it easier to be against all of them rather than for them.  None of them say anything positive or enlightening. Do you think any of the candidates think before they speak?

Political leaders have center stage, but do they have any inner life?  What kind of hearts do they really have?  Will someone be transparent?  It’s all I see is anger, name calling, defending, persecution and hatred.

Imagine a political leader who demonstrates grace and honors people even though there is disagreement.  I want to cast a vote for someone who has the attitude of servanthood.  I am not the servant, but willing to follow.

My circle of friends are constantly monitoring their thoughts and behavior.  (I didn’t say it was a big circle!) Seeking a higher level of awareness takes time and is a conscious practice, it’s an attitude.  From what I have observed, the attitudes of our Presidential candidates stink.

Do any of the candidates display rational thinking skills (not rushing to judgement)?  Can the candidates move beyond self-interest, private agendas and the thought of being right or wrong?  Please help me with my vote!

At the end of it all, I will still be…

Holly, living In-Joy…






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