Tuesday is supposed to be Sunday

Failing again! arghhhhh.  My plan (plans are so overrated) was to blog every (every is an absolute, who can do something every time? (right?).  Well, today is Tuesday and I am doing my weekly Sunday blog.  (let it go, Holly….)

During my “deployment” Federal Prison, I conjured up dreams of what family life would be like once I got released.  Stuff like, kissing warm bodies, laughing from the belly, staring into sparkling eyes, holding hands, heartfelt conversations and watching movies on my comfy sofa, listening to a crackling fire with salty popcorn on my lap.

Let me take you to Federal Prison, c’mon…You get the “get out of jail free card”, so don’t worry about!

Pretend it’s Sunday morning, you don’t have to work.  FYI, I worked at the Recreation Center, an all inclusive building consisting of basketball, volleyball, TV, knit one pearl two (knitting, crocheting), inmate driven exercise classes, the ladies lounge…lesbians, gay for the stay, I don’t know….some old bikes, new stair climbers and dirty mats.  It was “the place”.  However, this is my day off.

Body clock alarms at 5am, so I “beat the guard” to get my hot water for my not Starbucks instant coffee and slip back into my painful bunk to read.  Let me explain, “beat the guard”.  LOL

Not literally do I do that!  Alderson Federal Prison is for non-violent offenders, get with it!

Hmmm, I have another idea, maybe a post of Prison definitions!  That will be my next one.

Traveling with my brain, you must have a free spirit and enjoy the adventure.  Wake up now…My fantasy’s were created in prison, the reality of life has awakened me through release.

Yes, I am back with my family, but must be awakened to a higher level of awareness, through my searching, digging, clawing, crying and understanding, realizing we all function uniquely! God did not create carbon copies!   Not good, bad, more right, more wrong, just differently.

Nobody in my family is going to behave or do things the way I had in my prison fantasy!  No kissing warm bodies, laughing from the belly, staring into sparkling eyes, holding hands, heartfelt conversations and watching movies on my comfy sofa, listening to a crackling fire with salty popcorn on my lap!!!

Instead, misunderstandings, disappointments, piercing words, and exhaustion, but, still my family.  I love every one (absolute!), every one of them infinitely.  In our differences, we function as characters, one body of a family.

Whew…it’s good to be awakened to the reality of my family!  I love mine and forever grateful for my own part.

Coach Ruffin McNeill used to say, “just love’em up”!

Merry Christmas and celebrate the meaning.


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