Where does the time go?

Do you ever consider your time?  When you think about it, everything you do and think are now gone, past tense.  Our time really is the here and now.  I hear people talk about how they are going to do something, next month!  Or it’s all they can do is think about their upcoming vacay.

What about this minute?  (oops, it’s gone now!)  Did you have fun?…LOL  Between you and me, I did.  I make it a point, to find something to be thankful for just about every minute of the day.

It could be the sounds of the birds chirping each morning, (sometimes I hear them in the evenings, too)  It could be the neighbors music from the home or car!  Just knowing I have ears to hear and it is even better when I like the song!

When I was (deployed) code word for (prison) I tried so hard to make the time go fast.  Time is hardly our friend in that environment.  But after awhile, sometimes I felt like I was running out of time.  There were still books I wanted to read, people I wanted to talk to or get to know.  I guess I was adjusting and finding my own joy, within myself, not the circumstances.

Time is a gift in front of us all, and I like to treat it that way.

Enjoy your day today, relax a little, exercise a little, and love a lot!

Today is the beginning of  Daylight Savings…..Holly





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